• ActiviteitFun jumping
  • Datum26 january 2016
  • Begin tijd11:00
  • Eind tijd20:00
  • Aantal personen6 personen
  • Aantal paar sokken7 paar
  • Extra menu's6x Snoepzak
    2x t-shirt
    5x eten
  • Prijs

Jump Party XXL

Algemene informatie

  •    Celebrate your party at Jump XL Oisterwijk. How cool is that! Come on and jump & stunt a couple of hours with your friends!
  •    3 hours of jumping. Total partytime about 4 hours
  •    You can celebrate your jumpparty every day!

Houd rekening met

  • Jump sessions and Party jumping are booked per hour and it starts every full hour (11:00h, 12:00h etc).
  • Make sure to be present 20 minutes early. You will need some time to learn the rules and to fill in a form for acceptance of the risks
  • We recommend you to wear sportsclothes for your own comfort.
  • Shoes, bare feet, jewellery and belts are forbidden to wear in the jumparena.
  • You are only allowed to jump with jumpsocks (extra grip). Special Jump XL socks are lend at jumpparties. It is possible to buy these special Jump XL socks (3.00 per pair) and give them as a present to the friends of your party. Nice gift!