• ActiviteitFun jumping
  • Datum26 january 2016
  • Begin tijd11:00
  • Eind tijd20:00
  • Aantal personen6 personen
  • Aantal paar sokken7 paar
  • Extra menu's6x Snoepzak
    2x t-shirt
    5x eten
  • Prijs

Anniversaire enfants 1h ou 2h

Algemene informatie

  •    Celebrate your party at our Jump XL trampolinepark. How cool is that, a couple of hours of jumping and stunting with all your friends! Watch out: For safety and hygiene reasons grip socks are mandantory. min 7 years
  •    1 hour of 2 hours
  •    You can celebrate your jumpparty on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday!

Houd rekening met

  • Party jumping is booked per hour, and it starts every full hour (11:00 - 12:00 etc)
    • Pay attention! Extra discount for an extra hour
  • A session starts every full hour (e.g 18:00 - 19:00 and so on)
  • Make sure to be present 20 minutes early, you will need some time to learn the rules and to fill in a form for acceptance of the risks
  • We recommend you to wear sportsclothes for your own comfort
  • Jewellery and belts are forbidden to wear in the arena
  • Shoes are forbidden, you are only allowed to jump with jumpsocks (extra grip)



  • Saturday11:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday11:00 - 17:00